“Not far from Yakima, just past Union Gap, Lateral A Road heads due south from Highway 97, bisecting some of the world’s most prolific hop fields. Now there’s a beer named after this infamous hop trail, which seems only fitting. Lateral A IPA by Single Hill Brewing was brewed in collaboration with Zeeks Pizza and Sip Magazine. (Above, the collaboration team.)

The beer will be released on Thursday, May 21, available for delivery from Zeeks Pizza’s locations around the greater Seattle-Tacoma area. By the end of May, Lateral A IPA will see wider distribution. Proceeds from the beer benefit Casa Hogar, a non-profit organization that provides a variety of assistance programs for the many Latina families that work the farms in the Yakima Valley.”

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Photo courtesy of Sip Magazine

“Collaboration beers from breweries and restaurants have been making the rounds for years, but ones with a third party that’s a magazine is rare to see. For its latest collaboration beer, Zeeks Pizza brought together both Single Hill Brewing and Sip Magazineto brew the new Lateral A IPA.

This new beer that will be taking a tap handle at each Zeeks Pizza location in the Puget Sound and packaged in 16oz cans features two experimental, Yakima-bred hops and three Northwest grown malts. Lateral A IPA uses 586 and 692 experimental varieties from Yakima’s Hop Breeding Co. and malts from Great Western Malting in Vancouver, Washington and LINC Malt in Spokane.

Taking its name from the infamous road that leads to the heart of the Yakima Valley hop fields, brewer Zach Turner’s creation speaks to the beer’s local roots and Single Hill’s start. Lateral A IPA is a nod to the road that leads to the region’s densest hop fields, with a portion of the proceeds going to benefit many of the families that work these farms through La Casa Hogar.”


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Zeeks Pizza delivers exceptional, exclusive collaboration beers to your door

Zeeks Pizza, the local chain of pizza restaurants with an uncommon predilection for craft beer, is understandably proud of the collaboration beers they’ve brewed with some of Western Washington’s best-loved breweries. They want to spread the word about this collection of specially crafted brews and the program that brings them to life.

Because Zeeks has multiple locations, they are able to secure entire batches of these beers, which is why they are exclusive to Zeeks. And because of their “everything on tap delivered” policy, you can get those beers delivered to your front door – from any of the Zeeks locations around the Seattle-Tacoma area.

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Everything On Tap: Delivered

Zeeks has a reputation for being a pizza place that swings a pretty big stick when it comes to local Northwest beer.  However, we don’t aim to be the best pizza joint for beer, we aim to be the best place for Northwest beer, period.  Our friend Kendall, one of the best beer-dudes in town, thinks we are hitting the mark:

“The draft beer list at Zeeks looks more like something you’d see at one of the city’s better beer bars”

– Kendall Jones, Washington Beer Blog

Well, how about we bring this draft beer list to you?  Liquor laws are relaxed right now and that means we can bring fresh draft beer to your doorstep.  The Man won’t let us roam free forever, so let’s have some fun while we can.

How does it work?  Here we go:

Find your beer

Do you know your address?  Good.  Then you have found the beers on tap at your house.

When you use our app or order online, the store closest to you automatically populates when you enter your address.  When the store shows up, it’s tap list shows up too.  Just hit the growler button then pick your beer.  Simple.

Three easy ways to order

Best is our app:  ios appandroid app

Online is good too:

If you want to talk with a human, call 206-285-8646 and one of our crew-members will wrap you in a warm cocoon of beer and pizza ordering easiness.

Raging Deals  

The only thing better than awesome beer is awesome cheap beer. The below aren’t misprints. They are just ridiculous values:

$12 big (64oz) growlers

$8 small (32oz) growlers

$10 six packs of local beer & cider

$18 bottles of Washington wine

$12 six packs of San Juan Seltzer

No codes necessary. Limited time offer.

Fine Print

Look, we aren’t dumb, you heathens. You gotta order some food and meet our $20 delivery minimum to get these raging deals. Cool?

We got you Seattle. Let’s do this.


P.S. It turns out amazing beer priced at insane values is popular. You may get a growler that doesn’t say Zeeks on it. Thanks to our friends at Fremont Brewing, Pike Brewing, Bob’s Burgers, The Ram, Bargreen Ellis and Northwest Beverage (shout-out to John!) for letting us raid their stocks and keep the beer flowing. All these folks are great Northwest businesses and all of this is just another example of how we are……#InThisTogether

Contact Free Delivery

No Contact Delivery & Take-Out

Restaurant Delivery and Take-Out is considered essential, so Zeeks remains open.

All orders are no-contact

  • Pay and tip in advance
  • Tell us where to leave it
  • No signature required

Drinking will probably help…

  • Discounted growlers with any take-out order ($20 purchase required)
    • $12 / 64 oz (includes glass)
    • $8 / 32oz (includes glass)
  • Beer & Wine Delivery available at most locations (you heard us right!)

Three Easy Ways to Order

Stay strong Seattle. Let’s get through this together.


WA Beer Blog: Spring Beer Releases from Chuckanut

Spring is in the air, the sun is showing its bright face bringing beer to our mind! Chuckanut has the crispies to keep you going as the weather warms and you get more active. The newest Chuckanut collaboration is with Zeeks Pizza called Zealander Pilsner. The big kahuna of this sessionable pilsner is the New Zealand grown hops Rakau and Wai-Iti. These hops play together to give the beer a mixture of stonefruit, lemon and lime notes against a malt backbone of classic German Weyermann malts. Crisp, hoppy, and bold the Zealander Pilsner is begging to be had with your next slice of pizza.

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Reuben’s Brews & Zeeks Pizza: Hop Tropic Turns 5!

pint glass of beer, pizza in background

Photo by Alex Ellis

Guest post by Tommy Brooks featuring an interview with Reuben’s Brews co-founder and master brewer Adam Robbings

I met Adam and Grace Robbings, founders of Reuben’s Brews, at the PNA (Phinney Neighborhood Association) annual winter beer fest in 2010. At the time, Adam was a homebrewer without a commercial brewing license (PNA Winter Beer Fest used to allow homebrewers to participate). Adam and Grace poured two of Adam’s initial homebrew recipes: Roasted Rye IPA and Imperial IPA, which are beers still brewed on occasion and still stand out in a sea of beer 10 years later.

It was immediately clear that Adam was brewing beers that were unique in style and quality; an “Ah-Ha” moment in my own personal beer journey.

In 2012, Reuben’s went commercial and opened a tiny brewery and taproom in Ballard. It immediately became my go-to spot for the best beer in town. I couldn’t wait to get their beer flowing at Zeeks, and soon after Reuben’s opening Adam was hand-delivering kegs of of Imperial Rye IPA at our Phinney, West Seattle, Belltown, Ravenna, Dravus and Greenlake locations. This was before they had tap handles, so Adam gave us generic handles that we attached Reuben’s coasters to.

This was the real beginning of the evolution of our beer program in that Adam’s beers stood out from the rest in Seattle and certainly the other beers we were pouring at time. It was also the beginning of our program being relationship-driven with suppliers. From 2012-2014, we rotated different Reuben’s beers at our restaurants. As Adam and I got to know each other better, we started collaborating on a house beer for Zeeks. We wanted it to be hoppy, lower in ABV than most IPA’s at the time, and food friendly. Adam created a recipe that was ahead of its time – heavy on late addition aroma hops (primarily Citra & Amarillo), low in bitterness, and soft in body (oats were included in grain bill).

Flash forward to February 2015 to when we celebrated our first pint of Hop Tropic at Zeeks. Five years and thousands of pints later, we are celebrating Hop Tropic’s 5-year anniversary! Few beers have that type of staying power in today’s craft beer world, and we could not be more proud of the beer and the partnership.

During those 5 years, Hop Tropic has won multiple awards:

  • Silver Medal: North American Brewers Association 2015
  • SIP Magazine 2015 Best IPA in the Northwest
  • Silver Medal: Best of Craft Beer Awards 2016
  • Grand National Champion: US Beer Tasting Championship 2017 & 2018 (repeat!)
  • Silver Medal: San Diego International Beer Competition
It is a stoker to look in the rear-view mirror and celebrate Zeeks and Reuben’s growth together over the years. Reuben’s is now one of the largest and most decorated breweries in the PNW, and has won over 200 medals since going commercial. And Zeeks has opened 9 restaurants in that time, with more on the way.

We recently sat down with Adam and asked him some questions about Reuben’s, Zeeks, and Hop Tropic.

What is your beer philosophy? 

We wrap everything around the phrase “Beer Unbound.”  This takes four key pillars:

  1. Glass backwards – we focus on what we want to be in the glass, unbound by production constraints or efficiencies.  Everything we do is with the intention to make the beer in your glass the best it can possibly be. As an example, our porter uses 8 different grains.  We could homogenize this down to say 3 or 4, and it would still be a good porter – but it wouldn’t be the best we could make it.  We only change recipes to make a beer better.
  2. Breadth – we do not constrain ourselves to just a handful of “flagship” beers.  We brew many, many different styles.  We have 3 brew houses all at different sizes so we can brew batches the right size for the right beer. We brewed 170 different beers last year – I’m not aware of another brewery in the state that has brewed more!
  3. Education – our co-founder (and my wife) grace used to be a teacher, so our desire to help people on their beer journeys goes without saying! We want to make beer fun, and if we can help people appreciate new styles, new beers, or understand beer better, than that’s a big part of us doing our job well we think.
  4. Balance – this is the most important thing in our recipe formulation.  All beers are driven by balance. Our most hoppy beers must have a strong enough malt backbone to support them.  Our malt forward beers – like a Pilsner – must have enough bitterness to provide balance, and a yeast profile that highlights the great malts used. Balance is key – and I think it’s supported by us winning more awards for our beers than any other brewery in the state since we opened

What is it about you, or your processes, that allows Reuben’s to continually put out great beers?

I think this all goes back to balance. IPAs need a malt backbone to support them.  Sours need to be balanced tartness, not enamel stripping acidity! We focus on balance, which I think is why our beers should all be approachable.

What does Hop Tropic mean to you? Why collaborate with a pizza chain? 

Zeeks is a PNW institution, and they were one of our very first customers.  I remember delivering kegs to Zeeks West Seattle and Phinney myself in my car soon after we opened! I first met Tommy in 2010 when Grace and I were home brewers at the Phinney Beer Taste, and so we knew each other before Reuben’s was even a commercial brewery. For me, when he asked us about Hop Tropic and we had the capacity to brew it we absolutely couldn’t resist! To brew a beer for a great PNW restaurant, and for someone who has supported us from the start, was a great move.

In your opinion, what is the perfect beer(s) to pair with a spicy pizza? 

You usually want a strong beer to hold itself up to a strong food.  Bitter and spice are often paired together, so an IPA would be a good choice.  Hop Tropic should be a great option!

What do you like to do when you are not working? What gets you truly stoked?

Running the brewery is more than a full time job, so what little spare time I get I usually spend with my family – we have two boys that are a lot of fun. I play golf, and am teaching our youngest Warren how to play right now. Apart from that, right now I’m really into baking bread – it’s similar to brewing in that you use grain, yeast, run fermentations – and craft bread is so much better than macro-produced bread!




Fueling the Stoke at Chatter Creek, BC


Zeeks’ co-founder Tom Vial and a few buddies, including Zeeks’ franchisee Steve Sandberg (Kirkland/Bellevue locations), recently took off for a destination known and remote. In this case, the Chatter Creek Mountain Lodges, which are located about three hours northwest of Calgary. That is, three hours by helicopter, in normal conditions. This year, however, the cloud ceiling was too low to fly a bird in, so the crew instead rode a bus for three hours, and were then ferried in by a CAT for another two hours when roads had become obsolete. 

Nobody complained on the bus or in the CAT. When the weather is too bad to fly the bird, that simply means snowflakes are flying, en masse. And they were.

Chatter Creek’s operation offers skiers 58,000 acres of options, from alpine bowls to stunning glaciers and endless tree runs. It is a powder skier’s dream set-up – steep, untouched lines in dry, fluffy snow combined with good food, good beers, (usually) good company and a super comfy bed to rest your exhausted head at the end of the day.

Tom and Steve are Chatter Creek regulars. It is a place where they can get their powder skiing stoke on in one of the world’s premier destinations during the day, but also then truly unwind at night, in a place uniquely remote and quiet. For Steve, it offers up a chance to show off his wicked powder skiing skills. Sandberg is, according to Tom, who is no slouch himself on the hill, “a bad ass.”


“The guy is good. Like, ski video good,” says Vial.

Steve’s relationship with Zeeks Pizza began as the result of a friendship with Tom and co-founder Doug McClure. Sandberg ultimately fell in love with the Zeeks brand as he got to know the company, its culture and its players better and saw ownership as a great way to fuel his lifestyle. 

“You know, it’s funny because me becoming a Zeeks’ franchisee all happened because of a trip Doug, Tom and I took to BC’s Red Mountain for some serious powder skiing and beer drinking back in 2004,” says Sandberg. “Eventually during the trip, I let it be known that I really, really wanted to own a Zeeks franchise. I was tired of working in the boring, stodgy finance world and saw way more promise in pizza. Tom and Doug made it all happen.”

Amongst the steeps and couloirs at Chatter Creek Steve completely at home in his role playing powder pace car for the crew. The snowfall at Chatter Creek during this year’s trip was epic and deep — too deep to be stressed out, too deep to hold the weight of any of the world’s worries, and too deep to not dig in and rip it up. 15 years after Red Mountain, the Zeeks’ crew still leaves it all on the hill on a powder day. 

“Steve gets after it,” said Zeek’s President Dan Black. “He skis and windsurfs in a manner we all aspire to and does it all while being totally kick ass on the business side. It is not a coincidence that he is able to run two franchises and continue to meet and exceed expectations year after year. The man is a beast.”