Driven By Flavor

“Driven by flavor” is the phrase used most often when we are talking pizza at Zeeks. We have been obsessed with heirloom tomatoes for a long time because the flavor sensation of a good heirloom can be extraordinary. However, finding a “good heirloom tomato” can be tricky. The only way to make sure you get one that is both beautiful AND delicious is to buy it from somebody you trust. Heirloom is an unregulated designation.  Pretty much everything you get from a grocery store or from a big supplier labeled as such looks heirloom-y, but is genetically modified or bred like all standard tomatoes to travel well and last a long time. The compromise in this equation is flavor. So, most “heirloom” tomatoes look cool, but taste meh.

Buying heirloom tomatoes produced by farms that select and breed for flavor using high-integrity methods and that are local so the tomatoes don’t need to travel far is the only way to get heirlooms with amazing flavor. The problem for us has been finding a local farm that could produce enough good ones to supply the Zeeks beast. That all changed when our friend Austin Becker at Farmstand Local Foods introduced us to Steel Wheel Farm in Fall City.

Steel Wheel Farm

Steel Wheel Farm is a first generation, family farm run by husband and wife team Ryan and Kim Lichttenegger. Their Fall City farm is Certified Naturally Grown and they are passionate about sustainable growing practices and being good stewards of the land. We dig all that, but the reason we really love them is because their tomatoes are freaking delicious. The Steel Wheel tomatoes on our new pizzas are the same ones you would get directly from them at their stand on the farm or at the U-District or Capitol Hill Farmer’s markets. They are bright, colorful, juicy and, most importantly, flavorful.


Ferndale Farmstead

When we tasted Steel Wheel’s tomatoes, we knew we wanted to pair them with some special cheeses to make killer pies. It was a no-brainer as to where to go for these cheeses. We have worked with Ferndale Farmstead for years, and nobody in the Northwest does it better than our friends Bill and Daniel Wavrin. Their “Seed to Cheese” farming philosophy and dedication to authentic Italian craftsmanship in their cheese-making produces some of the best stuff in the Northwest. Ferndale’s fresh mozzarella and fresh asiago are featured on a couple of our new pizzas. Not only do they show-off Ferndale’s skill, they are great compliments to the Steel Wheel tomatoes.


Heirloom Pizzas
$15 / $25 / $34

These pizzas are all simple. There is no sauce on any of them, just a virgin olive oil glaze. Two of the three pies only have three toppings. All of this is intentional. The tomatoes are the star of the show and they pack a bright, distinctive flavor that we want to shine through.

Cascadia Caprese
Steel Wheel Heirlooms, Ferndale Farmstead Fresh Mozzarella, Fresh Basil

Mountain Baked BLT
Steel Wheel Heirlooms, Ferndale Farmstead Fresh Asiago, Bacon, Fresh Arugula, Mozzarella  

Fall City Frog Belly
Steel Wheel Heirlooms, House-Made Pesto, Parmesan, Mozzarella

These pies deliver a powerful flavor punch. Consider your taste buds warned…



Thanks again to our friend Austin at Farmstand Local Foods for helping make this all happen. Farmstand really does live up to their motto of “bridging the gap between field and kitchen” and Austin keeps Zeeks connected to the good stuff in the PNW.

Enjoy the Heirloom Pizzas!