Apples in a basket from Snowdrift Cider

Northwest Gateway

We tell you all the time that Zeeks is a gateway to the Northwest. If there are some amazing beverage or pizza-friendly food vibes going down in the PNW, we want you to discover them at Zeeks. It is harvest season and the Zeeks Gateway is in full swing. The bounty of the Northwest is flowing through the kitchens and taps at Zeeks non-stop right now. Hard Ciders and our Heirloom Tomato Pizzas are where the action is. The cool kids at Zeeks are mixing and matching our three heirloom pizzas with our four hard ciders all over the place. The ciders and heirloom pizzas are each tasty-licious (totally a word) on their own, but they compliment each other so well that the flavor explosion goes to eleven when your rock them both. Crash the gate on the concert these two put on together. Your taste buds and Northwest soul will thank you.

Washington State Cider

Our state is home to the world’s best and most diverse apple growing region. You heard us, we said WORLD. This isn’t hyperbole (SAT word, deal with it 😊). No place on the planet grows more apples by volume or variety, is more innovative or has more talented farmers and cider makers than the place we call home. The perfect apple terroir in the PNW attracts farmers and artisans that are passionate and creative. This passion and creativity translates into ciders that are authentic, inventive and extremely high-quality. More to the point, it translates into flavor. Northwest ciders are delicious.

Featured Cider

Hard cider is a low-key area of awesomeness at Zeeks. We have long been a champion of the Northwest cider industry, especially in Washington State. In particular, we have championed Heritage Ciders. WTF is a Heritage Cider? Heritage Ciders are made from heirloom apples (yes, there will be a test!). Similar to heirloom tomatoes, heirloom apples can be much more flavorful than “regular” apples. Not surprisingly, ciders made from these apples also have more distinct and bold flavor. Heritage Ciders blew our mind when we discovered them a few years back and ever since then we have been on a mission to share our Heritage stoke with our customers. Our buddy Tim Larsen from Snowdrift Cider Company, one of the best Heritage Cider makers in the Northwest, thinks we have succeeded:

“Zeeks has done as much as anybody to introduce Heritage Ciders to Western Washington. The ciders are now a thing and getting more popular all the time.” – Tim Larsen, Snowdrift Cider, Co.

Tim and Snowdrift embody all the qualities that make Northwest cider great. Tim’s family has been growing apples in Wenatchee since the 1940s. He has been instrumental in bringing many of the heirloom varietals used to make Heritage Ciders to the Northwest. Tim is a true craftsman and we love his ciders. We are proud to be pouring Snowdrift’s Solidarity Heritage Cider as part of our Fall line-up and as our feature cider for Washington Cider Week which started last night and runs through September 20th.

More Ciders

Double Mountain Perry (Pear Cider)
$8 (32oz crowler) / $8 (32oz growler) / $12 (64oz growler)

You probably already know that our friends at Double Mountain in Hood River throw down some of the best beer in the Northwest. They have also quietly become one of the most innovative cider producers in the PNW. The pear cider we have on tap right now is hazy in appearance and has a crisp, dry bite. It’s freaking amazing and you should make it a point to try it. One of the stokers at Zeeks is that you can try stuff you have never had or heard of with confidence. Everything we do is meant to be accessible and suitable for novice and sophisticated palettes alike. Don’t worry if you’ve never tried or heard of a pear cider before. Don’t worry if it sounds weird. Try it. An easy-drinking Northwest delight awaits and any trepidation you have will disappear after the first sip.

Tieton Apricot Cider 
$4 / 12oz can

The Zeeks Bottleshop on Wheels (packaged alcoholic drinks) has all the same hallmarks as our draft line-up. Local and fresh are the order of the day. Tieton Cider Works is a well-known Northwest cider brand synonymous with quality and their reputation is well-deserved. Craig and Sharon Campbell use fruit they grow themselves in Harmony Orchards in Yakima to make all their cider. The land has been in their family since the 1920s. The Campbells are trailblazers and they are constantly planting new varietals that they then expertly turn into innovative and delicious ciders. Their apricot cider is one of our faves and it is always available at Zeeks.

Rambling Route
$4 / 12oz can

This one is widely available and popular. Don’t let its commonness fool you. Rambling Route out of Yakima Valley makes a great, high quality cider. When in doubt, reach for this crowd pleaser.


Gluten Free!

It’s worth mentioning ciders are naturally gluten free. Also, any medium Zeeks pie can be ordered gluten-free so everyone wins. Party!