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  • Moon Booter: A jump with enough airtime to send you to the moon, which can happen while skiing, mountain biking or drinking this beer. Bold and adventurous, this West Coast IPA represents the mutual outdoor PNW stoke that fuels OSB and

  • Double Mountain, Hood River, Friendship: We have always been inspired by the majestic nature and soulful culture of Hood River. We’ve been windsurfing, trail running, skiing and beer, wine and cider traveling there for as long as Zeeks has been a

  • Many moons ago, Zeeks set out on a search to spice up our flavors. We didn’t have to look much further than the CD, where we found Howard, a passionate pickled pepper purveyor who originally sold the peppers out of

  • If you haven’t checked out Zeeks new Canadian Bacon, you're missing out. Canadian Bacon isn’t just meant to be paired with pineapple when it is as tasty as what we're serving up. The farm we are getting it from, Compart Farms,

  • Fuel Your Stoke What the freak does Fuel Your Stoke mean?  Fuel Your Stoke is the phrase that best describes our mission at Zeeks.  It comes from our origin story.  Zeeks was founded in 1993 by two friends just out of college looking to live the ultimate Northwest lifestyle.