Over the MOON

Moon Booter: A jump with enough airtime to send you to the moon, which can happen while skiing, mountain biking or drinking this beer.

Bold and adventurous, this West Coast IPA represents the mutual outdoor PNW stoke that fuels OSB and Zeeks Pizza. This dank IPA has flavors of pine, Orange peel, Mango, Peach and Grapefruit.

Specs: ABV: 7.4%, Hops: HBC630, Mosaic Cryo, Azacca Cryo, NZ Rakau and Chinook.

At Zeeks, we are strong believers that a great beer becomes something beyond great when paired with the natural beauty of the PNW. We also love bold flavors in our beer and food. OSH shares this philosophy maybe more than any other brewery we know. So, when I thought about a spring collab beer partner to celebrate the early blooming of life in the PNW, OSH was the obvious choice. Thankfully, they were down!

Holy hops Old Schoolhouse makes great beer. Like world-class great. Kyle Koger, head brewer, is truly a master of his domain. He integrates the art and science of brewing beer like few other brewers while extracting unbelievably exciting and bold flavors out of malt, hops, yeast and water.

Perhaps some of the inspiration comes from the place Kyle and Old Schoolhouse call home: The Methow Valley is one of the most strikingly beautiful places in the world, and its natural powers draw adventure-seeking souls from all over the world. Renowned for its cross-country skiing, you’d be hard pressed to find a better spot to enjoy the great outdoors.

And it’s not just sentiment and place. The science part is real: Water in beer is an underrated element in beer quality, and it can make a huge difference in your drinking experience. OSH has a distinct advantage here. Straight from the source:

Unique to Winthrop, we are fortunate to be provided with chlorine-free water flowing from the pristine North Cascade mountains. This clean, uncontaminated water helps enhance the natural flavors of the malts and hops bringing you a superior beer drinking experience.

When Kyle and I first talked about what kind of beer to make, I told him I wanted to do a West Coast IPA. West Coast IPA’s are characterized by a more assertive bitterness and overall balance compared to NE-style hazy IPA’s. In that balance, they tend to be drier and lighter in body and therefore more drinkable. I wanted to make sure not to sacrifice any of the bold hop aroma typified in hazy IPA’s though and have the best of all worlds: A supremely balanced, refreshing IPA dancing with bright, bold hops from start to finish. And Kyle and his crew at OSH have delivered big-time. This is a beer you can crush without it weighing you down.

Zeeks founder Tom and his son Sam were the inspiration behind the Moon Booter name and label. If you know Tom, you’ll recognize the dude ripping through space on the can. Tom keeps us grounded more than anyone at Zeeks. He checks us when start taking beer and pizza life too seriously and centers us on keeping things fun and light. This beer represents that spirit.