pizza with canadian bacon that comes from pork tenderloin zeeks has specially made by Compart Farms

Zeeks Teams Up With Compart Farms

If you haven’t checked out Zeeks new Canadian Bacon, you’re missing out.

Canadian Bacon isn’t just meant to be paired with pineapple when it is as tasty as what we’re serving up. The farm we are getting it from, Compart Farms, has been working on developing the best pork product in the world for 3 generations, and they’ve knocked it out of the park with the pork tenderloin we have at Zeeks…..that’s right, the cut of the Canadian Bacon is a pure pork tenderloin. They call themselves the wagyu of pork and this pork loin cut is served at some of the best restaurants in the country—Berkshire pork has nothing on these guys. They got creative in the product we are using as a pizza topping by using the uneven ends of the tenderloin (zero-waste, FTW). Each slice of Canadian Bacon on your pie will have a slightly different shape because of this reason. Compart has been breeding Duroc pigs for decades trying to find the right balance of diet and environment to yield the best tasting product they could craft.

Canadian bacon taste testing in progress. A long table with Canadian bacon samples

We’ve been talking for awhile about how we could level up our Canadian Bacon and one afternoon tested more Canadian bacon than anybody should be subjected to in one sitting, and Compart Farms came out far ahead of the rest. The only problem was the product only came unsliced and was brought in because we were having some fun with the fancy meat slicer we recently purchased to help us serve up the delicious Salt Blade cured meats we’ve featured on some collab pies….we mostly wanted to try the product because of how good it was supposed to be.

We let Compart Farms know they had the best product hands-down but we couldn’t slice that volume of meat in our current setup. A few weeks later the farm called and asked if we’d still be interested in their product if they could find a way to get it to us sliced. We jumped at the chance and started collaborating. Compart Farms is able to supply us with product because they control their entire process from their farm all the way until curing the final product. The farm and our distributor is doing everything possible to make this happen and we hope you dig the flavor as much as we do!

— Greg