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Covid sucks, but it has led to some fun innovation. We want to introduce you to one of our innovative partners in crime, Palencia Wines, who along with Zeeks has helped change the way Northwesterners enjoy alcoholic beverages.

Zeeks has kind of made beer delivery “a thing” during covid. Beer Geeks and frontrunners were ordering beer with their delivery pizza before the virus hit, but when we introduced our Everything on Tap and Bottleshop on Wheels programs in response to the virus, alcohol delivery went main-stream and it became obvious to everyone that Zeeks is the best at it.

Own horn sufficiently tooted. What we are really here to talk about is our friend Victor Palencia and his Washington-as-Washington-gets wines that he produces. You know how sometimes you meet people and it’s obvious right away that they are doing what they were born to do? Victor is one of those guys. Victor has spent his whole life in and around the vineyards of Prosser and Yakima – solid gold Washington wine country. Growing up, Victor often accompanied his father to work as he managed vineyards in and around Prosser. By the time he was in high school, Victor was a “wunderkind” according to the Seattle Times and was already making great wine. He then formalized his education in Walla Walla’s Enology & Viticulture program and then subsequently set out to do what he was born to do –  make unparalleled Washington Wines.

Palencia Taster Flights

Similar to Zeeks, Palencia has adjusted, evolved and innovated to survive and thrive the pandemic. Like all tasting rooms, Palencia had to close down for shelter in place. In response, Victor developed a Palencia Taster Flight Kit that could be picked up curbside. We tell you all the time: if it’s cool and happening in the Northwest, we want you to be able to discover it at Zeeks. In Zeeks’ opinion, this flight kit has top-tier cool-factor status. What could be more fun than having a taster flight of Washington’s best wines delivered to your doorstep with the quintessential Northwest pizza? Nothing, fool! You should order one of these kits next time you order Zeeks.

Palencia Taster Flight Kit $18

Each taster flight kit includes six 50ml bottles of red wine
(about 2 glasses of wine total)

2016 Syrah – Yakima Valley

2016 Mourvedre – Yakima Valley

2016 Grenache – Yakima Valley

2016 Casa Amarilla GSM Blend – Yakima Valley
(Grenache -30% / Syrah 10% / Mourvedre 60%)

2016 El Vindaor Syrah – Wahluke Slope

2016 El Vinador Tempranillo – Wahluke Slope

Washington’s Best Wine of 2019 – Delivered

One of the hallmarks of our Bottleshop on Wheels is that we get bottles of wine to you at an amazing value. We are currently featuring two bottles from Palencia:

2016 Casa Amarilla GSM Blend
(Grenache -30%/Syrah 10%/Mourvedre 60%)
Yakima Valley (750ml) – $18

2016 Casa Amarilla was Seattle Times’ wine critic Andy Perdue’s top Washington wine of 2019. This bottle typically retails for $32. You heard us. We are delivering Washington’s best wine of 2019 at roughly half the retail price. For Zeeks, Casa Amarilla is like Pet Shop Boys and Seal on the jukebox at Ricky Bobby’s favorite bar. We use it for profiling purposes. If you don’t order one of these we are going to put you on the “Can’t do Math” and “Must Hate Fun” lists which are totally real things that we keep and spend a lot of time on at Zeeks.


2016 Albarino
Yakima Valley (750ml) – $18

Again, great value here. This one typically retails for $20. If you aren’t familiar with the style, Albarino is a white that is a great summer drinker. Try this one instead of something like a Sauvignon Blanc. You won’t be disappointed and it goes great with pizza.


We learned a new term this week so we are going to use it. TLDR means “Too Long, Didn’t Read”. If this email was too long for you, here is the TLDR:

Add a Palencia Taster Flight or bottle of Casa Amarilla to your next Zeeks Order!