Crowler cans in a cooler full of ice

Fuel Your Summer Fun

You know Zeeks always has one of the best beer lineups in the Northwest. Not one of the best for a pizza place, but one of the best, period:
“The draft beer list at Zeeks looks more like something you’d see at one of the city’s best beer bars”

Kendall Jones, Washington Beer Blog


You also know that you can currently get everything we have on tap delivered (thanks Covid!). Our summer beer lineup is in full swing and it is packed with easy-drinkers selected to fuel sunny-day and warm-night fun.

Our Summer Beers

We are a big fan of light-drinkers in general and in summer they are a must. Our summer lineup is stylistically diverse to encourage exploration (and to keep the beer geeks happy), but it emphasizes classic, easy-drinking styles. Pilsner, Mexican Lager, Helles Lager, Hefeweizen and Kolsch all go down easy and are perfect for sunny patios and coolers. We have excellent examples of each style on tap now:

Crowlers Are Back

What the eff is a crowler? Crowler is a silly name that is meant to imply a combination of “can” and “growler”…“Crowler”, get it? Yeah, us neither. If it was up to us, we would call it a “Big-ass can of beer”.

What we do know is that these things are the best way to get your summer draft beer delivered to you. Beer lasts for weeks in these things and our new style crowler can is twist-top. Super convenient. More to the point, crowlers are portable and recyclable. They are perfect for throwing in the cooler to have waiting for you after a day-hike in the Cascades or whatever PNW outdoor adventure you have planned this weekend.

Happy Summering!