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We are on a mission. Probably not from above, but we think from someplace pretty righteous nonetheless. We’re on a mission to get through this mess, help you get through this mess, and help our partners get through this mess. The answer? Beer.

You guys like the best beer in the Northwest showing up on your doorstep. We dig bringing it to you along with some pizza. Supplying that beer from our friends at places like Reuben’s, Fremont, Bale Breaker, Urban Family and Chuckanut help these local Northwest champions keep doing what they do best. Win-Win-Win.

Speaking of local champions…

Fremont Brewing

Center of the Universe

We love Fremont. You love Fremont. Only weirdos don’t love Fremont. Not only do they brew some of the best beer on the West Coast, they are national level craft-beer-bosses. We wish we were in their Urban Beer Garden right now. There is no place better in Seattle to drink beer on a sunny day.  While we’re all under Corona lock-down, let us bring the Urban Beer Garden to you:

Chimeratic  $12 tall-boy (16oz) 4-packs

This limited release collab dropped yesterday. Our allocation is going live concurrent with this email. It won’t last long. Order pizza tonight if you want to get your hands on this bad boy.

BBOMB and BBADS  $20 bottles (22oz)

These beers need no introduction. Fremont opened their cellar to us and we are grateful. Beer Geeks from everywhere are probably storming the gates at Zeeks as we speak. These barrel-aged bad-a**es are some of the most famous beers around. These also will not last, so put-up or shut-up quick if you want in.

Pro-tip:  drink these more like whisky than beer. One of our favorite things to do at Zeeks is make an all beer boiler-maker with a small pour of barrel-aged and a tall pour of something lighter like a pilsner or lager. Order one of these along with a growler of Chuckanut Zealander Pilsner or Pike Helles Lager and you are set.

Head Full of Dynamite (V. 18) Hazy IPA  $12 (64oz) & $8 (32oz) growlers

One of the Northwest’s most popular IPAs. No better choice if you want tap beer delivered tonight.

Wine, Cider and Seltzer

Beer gets all the headlines at Zeeks, but there is Northwest awesomeness going down in all these categories as well. If the Northwest is on it, Zeeks is on it.

Wine ⮕ Murray Cabernet, L’Ecole Rose & Kiona Chardonnay

Murray and Kiona are Red Mountain. L’Ecole is Horse Heaven Hills. Some of the best AVAs in Washington. All are small, family owned wineries. Order with confidence and pride.

San Juan Seltzer  6 packs

The Northwest seltzer brand.
Can’t find a better deal on it anywhere.
Rainier Cherry and Huckleberry.

$12 (64oz) & $8 (32oz) Growlers  Double Mountain Heirloom Estate Cider

Insanely good cider from our friends in Hood River

Everything on Tap Delivered 

$12 (64oz) & $8 (32oz) Growlers

The tap-list from your nearest Zeeks automatically loads when you enter your address while ordering on our mobile app or online. Getting the best draft beer in the Northwest delivered to your door step couldn’t be easier.

No Contact Delivery, Take-Out & ID Checking

All the prices above require a $20 purchase of food you cheapskates.

We will check your ID. Orders with alcohol require the person who places the order to be 21. Order must be received by person placing order. No-Contact Alcohol Delivery means visual contact with social distancing. Think of it as a dance that involves 2 people and milk-box or window-ledge or something. You put your ID somewhere and back the eff away, man. Our driver checks it and backs away empty handed or backs away with your alcohol. Don’t push it and everyone stays happy and out of jail. 

No-Contact Orders without alcohol can be true No-Contact and your food can just be left wherever you tell us.


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Stay strong Seattle. We got this.