Everything On Tap: Delivered

Zeeks has a reputation for being a pizza place that swings a pretty big stick when it comes to local Northwest beer.  However, we don’t aim to be the best pizza joint for beer, we aim to be the best place for Northwest beer, period.  Our friend Kendall, one of the best beer-dudes in town, thinks we are hitting the mark:

“The draft beer list at Zeeks looks more like something you’d see at one of the city’s better beer bars”

– Kendall Jones, Washington Beer Blog

Well, how about we bring this draft beer list to you?  Liquor laws are relaxed right now and that means we can bring fresh draft beer to your doorstep.  The Man won’t let us roam free forever, so let’s have some fun while we can.

How does it work?  Here we go:

Find your beer

Do you know your address?  Good.  Then you have found the beers on tap at your house.

When you use our app or order online, the store closest to you automatically populates when you enter your address.  When the store shows up, it’s tap list shows up too.  Just hit the growler button then pick your beer.  Simple.

Three easy ways to order

Best is our app:  ios appandroid app

Online is good too: zeekspizza.com

If you want to talk with a human, call 206-285-8646 and one of our crew-members will wrap you in a warm cocoon of beer and pizza ordering easiness.

Raging Deals  

The only thing better than awesome beer is awesome cheap beer. The below aren’t misprints. They are just ridiculous values:

$12 big (64oz) growlers

$8 small (32oz) growlers

$18 bottles of Washington wine

No codes necessary.  We are rolling with this stuff for everybody until we kick Corona’s a**.

Fine Print

Look, we aren’t dumb, you heathens.  You gotta order some food and meet our $20 delivery minimum to get these raging deals.  Cool?

We got you Seattle.  Let’s do this.


P.S. It turns out amazing beer priced at insane values is popular. You may get a growler that doesn’t say Zeeks on it. Thanks to our friends at Fremont Brewing, Pike Brewing, Bob’s Burgers, The Ram, Bargreen Ellis and Northwest Beverage (shout-out to John!) for letting us raid their stocks and keep the beer flowing. All these folks are great Northwest businesses and all of this is just another example of how we are……#InThisTogether