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Run with the Cool Kids

Our collab beers are kind of a thing. Zeek’s line-up is always among the best in the Northwest across the board, but those in the know seek these beers out. Why? Because they are some of the most creative and best tasting beers in the PNW. This isn’t surprising. They are brewed by the best beer talent around.

Our relatively large scale means we can buy whole batches of beer from our friends at places like Reuben’s, Urban Family, Pike and Matchless. You know, the shops that brew some of the best beer on the planet. We know these guys and recognize their talent. So, when we get together with them to collaborate on a beer, we don’t give them much direction other than it would be super cool if the beer was incredible.  Basically, we let the rock-stars be rock-stars. Sure, our resident beer-geek (we love you Tommy) geeks out with their beer-geeks to get stoked, find inspiration, discuss style, identify trends, etc., but essentially we are looking for something we will love drinking because we are pretty sure if we love drinking it, you will too.

BTW, we buy the whole batch, remember? Do the math, Einstein! That means you can only get these Bad Mothertruckers at Zeeks. Ahhh. Exclusivity. The magic elixir of cool kids everywhere. Don’t worry. You are in. Zeeks is a big tent and we love everybody. Time to roll with us and our cool kid beers.  Get them delivered with your pizza tonight…

On-Tap Collab Beers Delivered to your Doorstep

🌴 Hop Tropic (6.2% ABV / 42 IBU) is the undisputed heavy-weight champ of Zeeks collab beers. Made by our closest brewing partner, Reuben’s, it has too many awards to mention and is unquestionably one of the best IPAs in the NW. When in doubt, order this. It is our house beer at Zeeks and is always on tap. Try and find a better house beer anywhere. We’ll wait…

🌲 Pike Helles Lager (4.9% ABV / 22 IBU) is a 3-way collab between us and our friends at Pike Brewing and PCC Natural Markets. 5% of sales goes to Long Live the Kings, a group that works to restore wild salmon and support sustainable fishing in the PNW

🤘 Urban Family Zeek & Destroy (8.0% ABV / Minimal IBU). None of our collab beers have gone from unknown to legendary faster than this one. People (including us) freak over this beer. It is definitely already in the Zeeks Collab Hall of Fame which is totally a real thing. Anyway, don’t let its easy drinking ways fool you. The Force and alcohol are strong within this one and treating it with respect is advised, Skywalker.

🥝 Zealander Pilsner (5.0% ABV / 38 IBU). New Zealand grows unique hops (Rakau & Wai-iti) that give their beers a distinctive flavor. We like this beer because it is crisp and refreshing and great for sunny days. Pilsner is also one of the best beer matches for pizza. We teamed up with our friends at Chuckanut on this one because they are among the best at Lager style beers (Pilsners are lagered). Don’t outthink this one. It is easy drinking and widely appealing. Chuckanut is a brand people know and love. Order with confidence and keep everyone happy.

🐝 Bee’s Knees Honey Sour (5.0% ABV / 100 GBU) The guys at Matchless are full on gangsters when it comes to brewing beer. We’ve known these guys for a while and love them.  We bought their first keg when they started brewing commercially. They are known for their IPAs and lagers, but they also produce some of the best sours in the PNW. We know, we know – sours can be scary or sound weird to non beer-ninjas. Take a deep breath. Zeeks is all about accessibility and bringing awesome beer to regular people. If you are going to be adventurous, Zeeks is the place to do it and this is an excellent choice to expand your horizons. Drinks like a cocktail (thus the GBU – Gin Botanical Units above) and is a refreshing choice on a sunny day.

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Look, we just let you into the cool kid club. Don’t get demoted because you can’t stomach a little technology. You will probably hate us for like 5 seconds while you enter an email address and figure out a password. Sorry, not sorry because the payoff is huge. Once you are in, the best pizza & beer in the NW will be just a couple button pushes away for the rest of your life. Hello? Beer. Pizza. Buttons. Push buttons get beer. Push buttons get pizza. Push buttons get beer & pizza. You can do this:

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Fine Print

Minimum $20 food purchase required for all alcohol transactions.

We ID. Deliveries without alcohol are fully no-contact. You won’t even see a delivery person if you don’t want. However, we will check ID for all alcohol deliveries. Social distancing will be observed.

Washington is winning this fight, people. We have never been more proud to call the Northwest home. Stay strong and thanks for your continued overwhelming support.