Zeeks Pizza announced today
that it has replaced all Coca Cola products with Jones Soda and Boxed Water. As a result Zeeks is the first pizza chain to remove all plastic bottles from its pizza delivery and in-store ops.

That’s what happens when you ditch the Coke. The plastic goes with it (and the high fructose corn syrup).

In fact, according to a study conducted in 2017 by Greenpeace, Coca-Cola brands, which include Dasani Water, produce more than 100 billion throwaway plastic bottles every year – or a ridiculous 3,400 per second. The company is listed in the top 5 of the world’s worst plastic pollution offenders.

Going forward, all of our pizza restaurants will offer Jones’ fountain-based offerings in-store, and delivery customers will be able to choose from a wide selection of Jones Soda flavors, which are packaged in glass and aluminum as opposed to plastic bottles. In addition, Boxed Water, which is packaged in 100% recyclable, cardboard-based boxes, will replace Dasani Water.

Zeeks is Jones Soda’s first multi-store restaurant customer to serve its fountain flavors, which will range from Classic Cane Sugar Cola to Green Apple and Left Coast Lemonade, all of which will rotate on a regular basis.

We officially start selling Jones Soda and Boxed Water on April 29 at our West Seattle location, followed by Zeeks Queen Anne on April 30 and Zeeks Belltown on May 1. In fact, a new location will make the switch daily through May 23, finishing with Zeeks’ Woodinville store.

Our President, Dan Black, put some perspective on the news:

“Switching to Jones Soda and Boxed Water made more sense for us as a brand. Not only does Jones share our commitment to craftsmanship, it is a Seattle-based company and producing much safer and better tasting products than Coke. The bigger story though, at least for those living in the Puget Sound area, is the removal of plastic bottles from our delivery service of both soda and water. I think most Seattleites understand that plastic water bottles have become enemy number one for our waterways and sea life, and so we hope this move to glass and paper makes a real impact.”

Photo courtesy of Jones Soda Co.