Molly giving the thumbs up hand gesture with a Zeeks logo

It’s Gotta Be The Shoes

Most people have at least one friend who is just kind of effortlessly good at stuff. Ours is Molly. A short list of things we know she is better than us at: math, shot-gunning beers, dancing, pickle-ball, burping on command, real-estate and thrift-shopping. She would be super-annoying if she wasn’t so charming and fun. Molly recently reminded us why she’s a boss in a conversation that went something like this:

“You knuckleheads talk about beer a LOT. Zeeks beer is incredible, but I don’t want to drink beer all the time. Your wine is just as good and a total steal, right? 18 bucks for L’Ecole Rose? Sign me up. Plus, your cider and cocktails rock.”

Wisdom. Straight to the heart of it. Molly, as usual, is right.

We have always searched for some Mars Blackmon “It’s gotta be the shoes” type simple explanation for why Molly is always on the mark and pretty good at most things. The shoes might have something to do with it, but in this case her genetic-frugality (we love you Molly!) and the simple acknowledgment that there is more to Zeeks than beer & pizza reminded us to remind you to:

Be Like Molly! Get Northwest wine, cider and cocktails delivered tonight…

Washington Wine $18
Canned Cocktails $6

Murray Cabernet  Red Mountain is the best AVA in the state for cabernet grapes and is nationally renowned. Our friends Tim and Kelly Hightower throw-down some incredible estate wines from their small, family owned winery. This is Northwest wine at its best and it is perfect with pizza. Order with confidence and pride.


L’Ecole Rosé  L’Ecole needs no introduction. From one of the most well known Washington wineries, this rosé is one of our most popular sellers because it is delicious and priced right. Great on a sunny day.


Kiona Chardonnay  Kiona and John Williams are the OGs of the Red Mountain AVA and they have been producing quintessential Washington wines since the 70s. Stellar value on a popular grape from people that know what they are doing.


Dry Fly Moscow Mule & Spicy Lemonade  You should order these out of principle alone unless you hate having fun. These aren’t sugary swill like the canned cocktails you find in a grocery store. Zeeks doesn’t roll that way and our friends at the oldest and largest distillery in the state, Dry Fly out of Spokane, don’t roll that way either. You already know what a Moscow Mule is. Spicy Lemonade is vodka, lemonade and just enough jalapeño. Get ‘em 🔥

Northwest Cider

Greenwood Peach & Ginger Thai Cider  Incredible cider from some friends in Lake City that are pouring their heart and soul into their craft. These guys are doing it right and you can taste it. The flavor on this one is amazing and it is super refreshing. A good one for drinking in the sun.

Double Mountain Heirloom Estate Cider  People that don’t normally like cider because it is too sweet love this one. It’s dry in the best possible way. Our friends at Double Mountain in Hood River throw this heirloom cider down using apples from their own orchard. Doesn’t get more PNW than this…

Canned Cider $4
San Juan Seltzer $3

Rambling Route Cider, Grand Tieton Apricot Cider, Rainier Cherry & Huckleberry Seltzer


Fine Print

  • All alcohol delivery requires purchase of at least $20 worth of food
  • $20 in food purchase required to get alcohol discounts for take-out orders, otherwise full price
  • We ID.  Social Distancing will be observed, but IDs will be checked
  • All non-alcohol orders are true no-contact

We are thankful to call the Northwest home, it’s in our blood. We appreciate your support, it lets us know we are a valued member of the community during these crazy times. We have definitely felt the love and we love you right back. Stay safe. Stay sane. Stay healthy.