Real Flavor

Say what you will about surfers, but they’re tapped into some elemental truths about the universe. We’ve been serving real food since before real food was cool. Why’s that? Because one day on the North Shore of Maui our buddy Zeek told us that life is too short for crappy pizza. That was in January of 1993. By September of that year we were delivering pizzas on our urban surfboards from the base of Queen Anne in Seattle.

We founded Zeeks under the simple premise that pizza should be flavorful, not just cheap and fast. Don’t get us wrong; we like fast and reasonably priced, but cheap can suck it. To be driven by flavor, you need to care about things like what kind of flour and cheese you’re using and know where it’s coming from and how it’s handled.  You need to do things like chop your herbs fresh every day. You need to wake up early and make dough every morning. You need to hand-toss and make every pizza to order. Your pizza needs to be baked by real humans in real ovens. It needs to get to your table or door before it’s done steaming.

Basically, real food made with real love results in real flavor. Got it?

We do all these things because Zeek was ahead of his time. We know the truth when we hear it, and after talking to Zeek on the beach that day we had no choice but to carry out his vision and name the place after the dude.

It’s been awhile since we’ve seen Zeek. Last we heard he was riding big waves in Indonesia. Zeek burned bright and fast, so our guess is he probably went down like a rock star at some point. But, if you are out there, Zeek, stop by for some rowdy pizza, a pint, and one big-ass royalty check…

-Tom and Doug

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